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When It Comes to Your Financial Future, We Can Help You See the Big Picture

Sometimes building a better future means taking a look at your total financial picture. As a participant in your Nationwide 457(b) deferred compensation plan you have access to Participant Solutions Center (PSC), a complimentary financial service center endorsed by your employer.

The PSC offers personalized financial guidance and solutions for every stage of life. We can help you assess your future financial needs by looking at all of your household’s financial assets – including but not limited to your deferred compensation account. We can then help you build a true retirement income plan that fits your own unique situation.

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Knowing if you're saving enough for your future can be a tricky business. That's where the PSC comes in. Financial representatives are available to help you better understand if your needs and goals are on the right track.

Through the PSC, you will get a comprehensive, long-term financial plan that will meet your needs through every stage of your life. We can help you satisfy your goals not just into retirement, but all the way through it.

And should your needs change in the future, we’ll still be here to help. You can always consult with a financial representative if you or someone in your household:

  • Changes jobs or careers
  • Manages household budget or cash flow
  • Experiences life events (marriage, birth of child, house purchase, etc.)
  • Is planning for college
  • Is transitioning into retirement
  • Is experiencing any other life stage event

Total household financial planning for now and the future is complex and time consuming. That’s what makes Nationwide’s Financial Needs Assessment so important.

The analysis will help you see your big picture retirement outlook, and offer general guidelines to help with decisions about financial products and services. It includes forecasted estimates on your cash flow needs, taking inflation, life expectancy and other factors into consideration. It can also identify potential opportunities for you to accumulate wealth, exploring investment options based on gaps identified in your analysis.


When considering needs and goals for retirement planning, many don't plan for health care costs. Health care expenses are the second largest expense in retirement after housing costs.1 While Medicare or private insurance may pay for some of these costs, you'll likely pay a significant portion out of your own pocket.

The PSC can help you estimate and prepare for those possible expenses with the Health Care Cost Assessment tool, starting with our Health Care Cost Assessment Fact Finder. The Health Care Cost Assessment:

  • Personalizes your estimate based on your outlook for retirement, current health conditions, family medical background, as well as your employer Medicare options
  • Shows you how much health care spending can change throughout retirement and what you can expect to pay for out-of-pocket health care costs and Medicare premiums
  • Can help create a personalized plan to address your health care costs throughout retirement

Complete the Health Care Cost Fact Finder to estimate your health care expenses in retirement.


Nationwide created the PSC through our affiliate, Nationwide Securities, LLC, to offer additional financial guidance and planning on an opt-in basis.

Our financial representatives have a variety of credentials and training:

  • CASL - Chartered Advisors for Senior Living
  • CFP- Certified Financial Planners
  • ChHC- Chartered Healthcare Consultants
  • CMFC - Chartered Mutual Fund Counselors
  • CRC - Certified Retirement Counselors
  • CRPC - Chartered Retirement Planning Counselors

Our financial representatives will work with you one-on-one to understand your financial situation and tailor solutions to address your individual needs. After completing a simple worksheet, you will receive a personalized Financial Needs Assessment that will:

  • Analyze your current needs and situation
  • Identify potential options and solutions
  • Provide guidance on a personalized financial plan for your future

Your analysis will help you make more informed decisions during key transitions, such as when you change jobs or retire. We'll also get to know what type of investor you are and help you create a strategy that includes all of your household's investment accounts, so that they all work together toward a common objective.

We can propose realistic steps you can take toward accomplishing your goals, including those in addition to your retirement plan. And when you’re ready to act, we can help you put your plan into action, implementing the recommendations that make sense to you.


Get started

Together we can explore how well you're planning for retirement and discuss how you might be doing better.

To learn more about the PSC or to speak to a Nationwide Representative, call 1-866-975-6363, Monday-Thursday 8:30 a.m.-6 p.m. ET, Friday 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. ET.

[1] “Average Annual Expenditures and Characteristics: Consumer Expenditure Survey.” 2012, Bureau of Labor Statistics. (Percentage of total expenditure for 75+ year olds.)

The information collected on the Personalized Health Care Cost Assessment will be kept confidential and used to provide an estimate of a client's potential health care costs in retirement. The estimate is based on a client's specific financial situation and goals, as well as their current overall health condition. The client's financial situation and health conditions may change over time and this may affect their future changes. Please keep in mind that the estimates resulting from this fact finder are for hypothetical purposes only and are not guaranteed.

For more information on how Nationwide protects your personal information, read our privacy policy.

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